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As you may have guessed, the CBS News segment has caused quite a rush in the doll community.

Please DO NOT send me your doll until you have heard from me to do so. I don't have the space to store  everyone's dolls

SENDING EMAILS Although I currently have over 1400 unread emails, which I am trying hard to reply to, I would still prefer hearing from you by email. If you are having difficulty sending an email it would probably be a result of this website, it only has the ability to handle 1000 emails per month. If you need to email me you may have to wait until next month. 

Please DO NOT Call me by phone as I use it at the construction site (remember I work for a living) and I WILL NOT ANSWER.

Please remember that there is a Hospital Locator on the Doll Doctors Association Web site to assist you in finding a hospital closer to you. I am not the only doll hospital.  


  Dr. Brian D. Taggerty

Composition Specialist & Plastic Surgeon

From Antique China and Bisque to Plastic and Vinyl we do it all. Simple cleaning and restringing...  Composition Ball Joint reconstruction... Kid Leather body repairs... Sleeper eyes reset. We will even brush her teeth if you want.


If your dolls grew up in the Boomer years (1946-1964) Chances are pretty good that they have issues. Here at TDC we will take care of your best friends physical and psychological needs.

From Crazing Concealment to Compo Reconstruction, your doll will be treated as if she were one of our own.

For stress cracks on hard plastic or vinyl dolls, our state of the art Plastic Welding is stronger than any glue.


We will only do the repairs necessary to prevent further damage and to try and restore your doll to an acceptable level of value. We will consult the owner if the repairs will be more than the doll is worth. But we do understand that dolls with original owners need their dollies fixed.


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